How to detoxify your mind

Let’s talk today about ridding your mind of negative, heavy, toxic thoughts. Have you wondered how long it takes to change your mind from automatic anxious thoughts to truthful and strengthening thoughts? Many people overestimate how long this process takes. Neuroscience has shown us that it takes approximately 63 days (or 3 cycles of 21 days) to establish a new self-sustaining thought cycle, whether that cycle is positive or negative. First, it is important to establish that your mind will not switch from anxiety to happiness in one switch. People can feel frustrated when they try this and note that it does not work. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a well researched and effective treatment for anxiety. In CBT, a lot of is spent on stating out loud automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) by identifying the those thoughts, swapping them with truthful ideas and then connecting them to actual behaviour change.
Research shows that 1 in 3 adults have improved their lives in
less than 3 months. 4 out of 10 people using CBT gain mastery
over their anxious thoughts in less than 1 year. 1 in 4 needed to
remain in treatment longer than 1 year to continue training their
mind. These results are for those committed to treatment, there
were others who came once and decided not to return. Children
and youth have a quicker response rate. 4 in 10 were able to
train their mind in less than 3 months (higher than 1 in 3
improvement rate for adults). Another 4 in 10 youth were able to
train their minds in less than 1 year and about 1 in 10 stayed
longer than one year, which is less than the rate for adults.
Now, think about one thing you’ve always wanted to do a little
differently at work. Name it. Now record it or write it down. Good.
Now, ask yourself the truth about how this situation developed.
Next, think of one small way you could improve your life at work.
Finally, commit to this today and check in with yourself tomorrow and repeat this process. Slowly and surely you too will notice
significant and sustainable improvement at work and throughout
life. When you are ready you can share your progress with others
and you’re on the way to developing a new idea at work. If you
would like to talk more about how to see your ideas become a
reality, go to
Give yourself a micro-break 90 seconds let your mind rest. Be
refreshed and notice how much better your mind is able to take
on the rest of your day.

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