Self Honesty

 Our understanding of ourselves can be at the root of many of our problems. It’s not that we are just dishonest
with ourselves. Nope. At times we are deceitful. Dishonesty is pretty easy to figure out. It’s just simply not true. Deceitful is something else altogether. Our intuitions can regularly lead us astray of what we know in our core is
right. Can you relate to this dilemma?
We know what is right, and we do not do it. Or we find ourselves doing things which we would not want our grandparents to learn about. We know something is right if we would want to tell both our grandparents and grandchildren about it. If we would tell someone we truly admired about it. Often we make poor relationship choices. Maybe you’re a bit like me and
you’ve said this to yourself. Oh I know better! Why did I do that? My mother told me it was a bad decision, but I just did not see that relationship train wreck coming. My friend told me that it was a bad decision, and I found reasons to carry on only to have it blow up … later. We make some poor business or financial decisions. We wanted certain things and are now in debt. We thought each purchase was a good decision when we made it but now we’re faced with the reality that is very different
and see the ruin. We may have friends that others have warned us about, but we wanted to continue the friendships. Now, we’re in a lose-lose position. We don’t want to lose this friendship. But, we’re becoming people whom we do not want to be, and we’re losing our values in the process. It’s a decision that we don’t
want to make and one we never thought we’d have to make.
These same dilemmas can happen at work. You like your job but you’re expected to do things at work which go against your values. So, either way you lose something. You could lose advancement opportunity at work or do things which compromise your own personal standards. We can’t have it both ways. Many times we give in at work because the fear of losing a tangible job is a smaller fear than losing intangible values. Our desire to
reduce lose exposure is a powerful motivator. It is not the best use of our decision making ability though.
We don’t know at the time what hangs in the balance of a decision. We never have the luxury of knowing What truly hangs in the balance Of that decision. We could think of each time we Do something new as another line Of dominos that we set in motion. We are all good at selling ourselves on bad ideas. We may not have ever sold merchandise to people but we have been telling ourselves epic sales pitches for years. We can convince ourselves that poor decisions are good. We decide on what we want the outcome is and then we argue our case until we
do what we want. Here are some poor decisions that we make. We sell ourselves on these types of dead end choices. Today, let’s ask ourselves, “Am I being honest with myself…. Really?”
AM I BEING HONEST ABOUT MY PURCHASES? It’s rare that we have to sell ourselves on a GOOD idea. It always takes
work but never do we have to sell ourselves on a truly honorable. Good ideas rarely need a defense.
When we feel defensive, that is a good sign that we are selling ourselves. See our emotions send a message to our minds that suggest we really need something. So, our minds are convinced that now it’s not a want it’s a need. Suddenly, we feel threatened if it is taken away. Our minds are wired for
fear. There are no emotionally neutral environments. We can start to be honest with ourselves. Even if we are not sure we are going to change it, it is really important to be honest with ourselves. It is the first step to being the person that we feel to be. Being Honest can be
•It is Terrifying
•It is Liberating
•IT is Clarifying
•It is Empowering
If you like to know about being honest with yourself and how to really be truthful within your core being, go to
The next time you’re making a decision, Ask yourself? What is the real reason I am doing this really?
Have a great week and week of Honesty.
I hope you learned something new and helpful. This content is for
educational purposes only not medical advice.

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