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Sleep- Mind Change

Let’s talk today about new research regarding what your mind can absorbnduring sleep. Back in the 1950’s researchers tried to find out if people could learn information during sleep. For example, could people learn another language while they sleep or study for a test by playing back information. The answer back in the 1950’s was no, learning information was not possible
during sleep. However, recent research is beginning to uncover some promising findings. If you play an audio recording (using your own voice works best) while you
sleep at night over and over in a loop. You can improve your willingness to change a behavioural habit. For example, if you want to stop biting your nail,
you could say, “My fingernails taste very bitter”. To stop smoking, you would repeat statements like, “Cigarettes taste awful. I don’t like the smell or feel of smoke”. These statements repeated at night while you sleep, improve
your willingness to continue on stop smoking plan. You still need to implement the real behaviour changes and your motivation will be boosted to help you do so.
Finally, research into Theta waves have produced promising preliminary results. The researchers found that if you play Theta waves, this is an audio wave sound, at night during slow wave sleep, while repeating recently learned information that was just learned, it results in better recall. This means Theta waves accompanied with the audio information improved
people ability to learn that information. Now, this research needs to be repeated to be tested and the results need to be reproduced, but this is exciting news about the ability of the mind to expand and learn even during sleep. I hope you learned something new and helpful. This content is for
educational purposes only not medical advice.

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