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Welcome to my blog about getting a restful sleep.
How you talk about your sleep will come true – for better or worse.
As we start to drift off to sleep there’s a period of time where we have altered consciousness and memory.
People vary in the perception of onset of sleep and often overestimate the time to drop off to sleep.
With ongoing psychological stress this can magnify other distressing issues in our life such as the perception of the lack of sleep. We are not able to estimate time accurately.
We worry when we are awake in the night and that gives us an exaggerated idea about how long we are actually awake.
Many people think that frequent transient periods of wakefulness actually mean that they’re awake most of the night when, in fact, sleep tests show that they are asleep in a light sleep.
How you talk to yourself about sleep becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t sleep well.
I feel awful.
If you knew how tired I feel… (insomnia becomes my excuse)
I’m useless the next day after insomnia.
What’s wrong with me?
I’ve forgotten how it feels to be rested.
My Mother (relative) had insomnia, now I do too.
These statements above are global and negative statements without an escape
clause. Self-talk like this causes the brain to feel anxious which in turn creates problems finding rest at night.
Instead try specific and truthful self-talk that points the way how to get a restful sleep. 
I feel like a renewed person after sleep.
I sleep, when I’m ready.
I take special care of myself the day after a short sleep and look forward to sleeping well the next night.
I’m learning about how to maximize my sleep.
I count the daily reasons I have to be grateful and let gratitude carry me into a restful sleep.
I take time for fun and laughter no matter what.
Writing down your sleep talk and posting it around your home and saying strategic sleep statements out loud everyday is vital to regaining restful sleep.
Your mind needs to hear your own voice saying these statements and of course, the statements need to be true. Repetition is key. Let me say it again.
Repetition is key. Say, “I can sleep like a baby”. Which is true, once you did sleep like a baby. I sleep, when I my body is ready. These statements also give a clue as to what is needed if sleep elusive. Your body is sending you a message, something is needs attention then sleep will resume, you will feel
restored and rested.
Decide on a truth that you find restful. A positive self-talk statement that is your motto. It may change as your sleep improves too. For example, when my mind is awake at night, I do other things I really enjoy, like read a good
book or do my nails. Usually, I don’t make time for this but the odd night I’m awake, I find ways to enrich my life. Or, I take extra care of myself at night when I’m awake. I prepare food and do chores to make my day a little
gentler. I can have a good day even when I’m up the night before. Like your positive sleep talk, your sleep motto must be a fact that is true. Let go of the search for an instant cure. Insomnia didn’t happen overnight, and it won’t be cured in one night, so this is going to be a process. Be persistent.
Put your life before sleep. Insomnia will not keep you from having a more fulfilling life. Your life comes first. When you have a special event to attend, go, no matter what. Make sure you show up for friends and family and do not let your lack of sleep be the boss. You’re keeping promises to yourself. You’re in charge.
Give yourself a thinking break and let your mind rest. Be refreshed and notice how much better your mind is able to take on the rest of your day.
I hope you learned something new and helpful. This content is for
educational purposes only not medical advice.

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