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Does meeting someone change your beliefs about what you are looking for in a mate?
Here is an example of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (located right behind your nose) otherwise known as the adaptive unconscious and how it affects attraction.
Our perception of what we want changes after we meet certain people and we feel attracted, then our desires for what we want will change without us even knowing. Researchers Iyengar Fisman and Raymond Fisman conducted research on speed
dating. They found that people who are attracted to another person during a speed dating event changed what that person was looking for in a mate. However, this
change not in their conscious awareness. The people were not aware that a change had occurred. For example, Mary says she wants an intelligent and sincere man, but then she has
a speed dating experience and is attracted to John (who is humorous and attractive). Now, she reports feeling attracted to men who are funny and good
looking. She will change her list to funny and attractive and approximately six months later she will change it back to intelligent and sincere without knowing that she’s done
so. As long as her relationship with John is short-lived, otherwise her preference will shift to better fit with John’s temperament without her awareness. The adaptive unconscious operates in the background so that our conscious mind
can focus on our attention more specifically in the moment. It helps to know how our mind works and how to be the best version of ourselves. Surprising Mind Trailer -2019
Now, this has been a lot of learning. Give yourself a thinking break and let your mind rest. Be refreshed and notice how much better your mind is able to take on the rest of your day. Let me know how these tips have worked for you. Leave a
review and keep spreading the word. I hope you learned something new and helpful. This content is for educational purposes only not medical advice.

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