Deb vernon

For over twenty-five years Deb has served individuals and families to heal and grow. Now, her mission is to provide effective outcome orientated presentations for organizations. The topics that Deb has helped organizations explore are:
  • Effortless Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia
  • Using Mindfulness to Create Calm 
  • Fuel Motivation with Core Values
  • Utilizing Time Management to further Core Values  
Her experience, old-fashioned integrity coupled with modern skills provide an engaging and productive environment.
Deb is married for 33 years to Don, and they have two sons aged 24 and 20. Deb and her family have enjoyed being residents of Sherwood Park for over 31 years. Her husband is also a local business owner, and they are closely connected to their community. Participating in Sherwood Park’s active recreational and artistic programs are just a few of the privileges she enjoys about being a resident of Sherwood Park. Deb is well connected with many other health professionals and businesses in the Park. 
In the past, Deb has been a board member of Parents’ Place- a non- profit and currently serves on two civic boards in Sherwood Park.
Deb Vernon is a well known motivational speaker in Edmonton.

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Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the courage to have creativity in response to it.


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